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New Astralis coach on Vitality clash: I see opportunities

Will Astralis be able to take down Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and company?

This Friday evening is set to present the thrilling battle between Vitality and the Danes from Astralis in the semifinals of BLAST Fall Showdown. A matchup featuring the world number #1 team taking on an Astralis side, who haven’t looked more broken than they do right now.

Astralis’ interim head coach, Peter "casle" Toftbo Ardenskjold has a big task in front of him – but not an impossible one, casle accounts on the team’s Twitter profile.

- We sat down, looked through our recent game against Eternal Fire, and found many things to work on. Things that need to be fixed and added to our gameplay for today's game. We are well prepared for our game today against Vitality.

- Of course, they are the favorites, but I see opportunities that we will try to use and capitalize on. If we succeed with our gameplay, I believe we can do it.

The semifinal between Astralis and Vitality will go live at 16:30 (CET) this evening.

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