NAVI secure a 25-21 overtime victory against Team Vitality! |

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NAVI secure a 25-21 overtime victory against Team Vitality!

A nail-biting game on Mirage took 46 rounds to find the winner.

Day 1 of the IEM Rio Major 2022 Legends Stage is certainly delivering!

NAVI kicks off their IEM Rio Major Legends Stage campaign with a long and dramatic overtime victory over Team Vitality.

The game was played on Mirage, where NAVI started their CT-side half with a decent 10-5 advantage, which ZywOo and company eventually caught up on when the teams switched sides. apEX’s troops strung together the first five rounds of the half to tie the score at 10-10, making the game even more interesting than it already was.

After that, NAVI quickly got their momentum going once again, grabbing five rounds of their own to hit match point. It seemed like s1mple and company would close out the action right there, but Vitality wanted it differently as they went on to force the match into overtime by tying the score at 15-15.

In the first period of the overtime, both sides secured two rounds on the CT-side and one on the T-side which meant the game went into a second overtime where NAVI chipped away Vitality’s game, but failed to close it out as Vitality fought hard and once again tied the score. This sent us to the third overtime period where NAVI’s focus paid off, with the Russian-Ukrainian side finally managing to clinch the game with a 25-21 scoreline.

IEM Rio Major 2022 – Legends Stage | NAVI vs. Team Vitality

Mirage: 25-21

MVP: Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – 1.35 Rating | 40-28 K/D | 96.5 ADR | 67.4% KAST

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