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Na'Vi grab the last semi-final spot!

A devastating loss on Nuke ended an otherwise close series.

It was a fight for the fourth and final semi-finals spot when Heroic and Na'Vi went head-to-head in Antwerp. Heroic were so close to taking down the CIS giants, but in the end, Na'Vi prevailed.

The match kicked off on Heroic's pick of Inferno where Na'Vi surprisingly let the Danes start on the CT side.
The CIS squad got the map kicked off with a couple of rounds in the win column, but then it was the Danes' turn. Heroic went on a 9-2 run where they crucially got contributions from every single player on the team. Na'Vi ended the half as they started it, with a couple of rounds, and at half Heroic led by three.
Na'Vi also won the second-half pistol round and quickly equalized at 10-10. This is where "cadiaN"s offensive took over. Heroic won six rounds in a row, some by way of out-calling and some by way of individual heroics, and secured map one.

The action continued on Na'Vi's pick of Ancient where Na'Vi the whole arena hyped up as they played an impeccable T side. After taking the pistol round, the CIS squad led the entire half with the exception of a tie at 5-5. "electroNic", who has had somewhat of a quiet tournament, showed that he is not afraid of the big stage as he led the team to nine rounds at the break.
Heroic also played a fantastic T side. They won five rounds in a row before Na'Vi were able to take their first. Afterward, it got a bit more difficult, but they were threatening in every round. In the end "boombl4" and co. just about took the win at 16-14 and pushed the match to a decider.

The third and final map to decide this thrilling series was Nuke, and here we got a different look Heroic on the T side. The Danes, who had won the T halves on both of the previous maps, were getting battered. They won the pistol round but were unable to convert, and from there it was all downhill. To be fair, it was a hard task for Heroic, who had to go through "electroNic", whose play was out of this world.
Heroic grabbed the second half pistol round for themselves, but once again failed to capitalize on it as Na'Vi won the force-buy and put themselves on 14 rounds. Heroic managed to save some dignity as they put four rounds on the board towards the end, but Na'Vi would still end up taking a dominant win of 16-8.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Natus Vincere - Heroic 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

10-16 (Inferno) | cadiaN - 1.51 Rating / 22-11 K-D / 91.3 ADR

16-14 (Ancient) | electroNic - 1.43 Rating / 26-19 K-D / 98.2 ADR

16-8 (Nuke) | electroNic - 1.79 Rating / 30-18 K-D / 129.6 ADR

MVP: Denis "electroNic" Sharipov - 1.46 Rating / 75-52 K-D / 102.0 ADR

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