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NaVi move past Vitality in 2-0 victory

An impressive victory sees NaVi qualify for BLAST Premier Fall Finals ahead of Vitality

When speaking about the greats of Counter-Strike you have to mention "s1mple" as well as the entire Natus Vincere roster that has impressed the entire CS:GO community for years now. At this current moment of time, it seems as if only FaZe can rival the CIS giants that are NaVi. Tasked with taking down "s1mple" and his troops was Vitality. Ultimately it proved to be too tough of a task for the Vitality roster as they were outmatched by a confident-looking NaVi side. In just two maps NaVi managed to secure the victory against Vitality and earn their qualification to the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Finals event.

The first map was picked by Vitality, which meant that the brawl between the two giants was set to kick off on Inferno. Being one of the most-played maps of all time in CS:GO, Both teams, with experienced players within the rosters, are more than familiar with Inferno as a map, which showed once the map got underway. Going back and forth there wasn't much separating the two teams, however, the rock-solid NaVi defense proved slightly more potent as they secured a 9-6 lead going into the second half of Inferno. The second half continued as the first had concluded, with NaVi in the driving seat. Despite a rare quiet performance from "s1mple", a cohesive T-side secured the victory for NaVi at the scoreline of 16-10.

The second map of the brawl between NaVi and Vitality was, of course, picked by Natus Vincere and meant a trip to their favorite map as of late, Mirage. Mirage is the most played map for the CIS giants in the past three months, and for good reason. When NaVi are feeling themselves, they can seem almost impossible to overcome on Mirage. With momentum carrying over from Inferno, NaVi proved the stronger roster in the first half of Mirage, with Vitality not far behind them. At the scoreline of 8-7, everything was still to be played for as the two rosters switched sides. Things continued to be close between the two sides, but with "s1mple" playing a bigger role this time on Mirage, Natus Vincere managed to outperform Vitality and take home the victory at the scoreline of 16-13.

Natus Vincere - Vitality 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

16-10 (Inferno) | electroNic – 1.23 Rating / 19-14 K-D / 70.2 ADR

16-13 (Mirage) | s1mple – 1.37 Rating / 25-17 K-D / 80.3 ADR

MVP: Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev 1.19 Rating / 38-33 K-D / 75.3 ADR

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