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NaVi are your Fall Final Champions!

The CIS machine is unstoppable right now!

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 was set to find its champions when Natus Vincere and Vitality locked horns. The infamous battle between “s1mple” and “ZywOo” would conclude with either one of them becoming champions of the BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 in Copenhagen. Going into the Bo3-series it was clear that Natus Vincere were the heavy favorites, seeking to build further on their, at the time, 9 Bo3-series win streak. Stood in front of them, however, were the French boys of Vitality. Lead by the charismatic “apEX” and with star performances from “ZywOo” throughout the entire event, it was only fitting that the Grand Final presented a brawl between Natus Vincere and Vitality. Despite an enormous performance from the French on Nuke, stopping NaVi’s 20 map win streak, it was all in vain. An on-fire “s1mple” followed by an impressive NaVi roster in its whole proved too much for Vitality to handle. After closing out the third and final map of Inferno, it was Natus Vincere to take down the French 2-1 and become Champions of BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021 in Copenhagen.

Map 1 - Mirage

The first map was the choice of Vitality and saw the Bo3-series start on Mirage. The map of Mirage is known to create and facilitate plentiful possibilities for individual aim-duels across the map. This, of course, meant that either of the two rosters’ superstars would come to play an instrumental role in the first map of the Bo3-series. Starting strong was Natus Vincere and their king “s1mple”. Already from early days, it was the CIS giants to create a lead for themselves, going 5-0 up. The lead was soon nullified by a calm and collected Vitality roster. Despite their best attempts, however, it was still NaVi ahead at 9-6 going into the second half of Mirage.

The second half saw NaVi storming out of the gate and building even further on their momentum. Despite winning a handful of rounds in the second half, making the scoreline somewhat respectable, the French would ultimately have to admit defeat against NaVi – as well as an on fire “s1mple” with 36 kills – at the scoreline of 16-12.

Map 2 - Nuke

The second map of the series was to be played on Nuke and was, of course, picked by Natus Vincere. As we know, the superstar of NaVi in “s1mple” is the best performing player by a land mile on Nuke, and after his dominant performance on Mirage, taming “s1mple” and stopping NaVi’s 20 map win streak on Nuke seemed an almost impossible task, laying ahead of the French. Despite the daunting thought of facing NaVi on Nuke, Vitality didn’t seem scared, not one bit. With an enormous amount of confidence, it was the French to completely dominate NaVi from the get-go. An early 6-0 lead, before being answered back by NaVi, lead to the impressive 11-4 scoreline at halftime, favoring the French boys of Vitality.

What was even worse for NaVi was that Vitality had only just begun. Playing an even more impressive T-sided half it was over for NaVi, seemingly, before it had even started. At the dominating scoreline of 16-6, it was Vitality to break NaVi’s 20 map win streak, take home Nuke, and force a third and final map in the Grand Final.

Map 3 - Inferno

The third and final map of the Grand Final was, of course, the ultimate decider in Inferno. Known to be the most iconic third map in the existence of CS:GO it was only fitting that the legendary brawl between NaVi and Vitality would be concluded on the soil of Inferno. Whilst it looked like a completely different NaVi roster than what we have come to expect from them, on Nuke, Inferno was a different story. With regained confidence NaVi made the offense of Vitality look the opposite of dangerous. An impressive CT-sided half from NaVi and the Ukrainian god in “s1mple” saw the CIS giants gain an enormous lead going into the second half at the scoreline of 12-3.

All NaVi had to do in the second half of Inferno was to finish what they had started in the first, and they did exactly that. Only allowing the defense of Vitality four rounds in the second half it was the NaVi roster to take down Vitality at 16-7, win the Grand Final, and lift the BLAST Premier Fall Final trophy in front of a jam-packed stadium.

Highlight of the BO3-series

NaVi – Vitality (2-1) | BLAST Fall Final 2021 (Grand Final)

16-12 (Mirage) |

s1mple – 1.91 Rating / 36-16 K-D / 123.9 ADR

16-6 (Nuke) |

ZywOo – 1.53 Rating / 21-14 K-D / 96.9 ADR

16-7 (Inferno) |

electronic – 1.57 Rating / 19-9 K-D / 99.5 ADR


Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev | 1.49 Rating / 76-46 K-D / 102.6 ADR

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