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Natus Vincere dominate Vitality in Grand Final!

The CIS giants Natus Vincere played out of this world against Vitality

We have finally reached the brawl we have all been waiting for. Eight of the best teams in the world started their run here at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. Now we are down to just two teams. Vitality and Natus Vincere, "ZywOo" and "s1mple" - the biggest names in CS:GO is set to lock horns as the Grand Final of the event seeks to find the ultimate champion. Before the Bo3-series kicked off, it was clear that Natus Vincere were the favorites. The bumpy performances from Vitality have left us wondering how those five players are yet to have cemented themselves as a well-oiled machine. However, a great performance in the Semi-finals might have brought just enough life into the Vitality soul that a close brawl could be on the cards. Close, however, it never came to be. A masterclass performance from young "b1t" and his teammates at Natus Vincere were simply too much for Vitality to handle and in just two maps it was NaVi to call themselves champions at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022.

The first map was picked by Natus Vincere and saw the battle begin on Mirage. As the most played map in the history of CS:GO, Mirage is a map that every single player on the server is more than familiar with. Unfortunately for Vitality, however, it is also a map that "s1mple" and NaVi are incredibly scary on when things are going their way. From early on it became apparent that NaVi is every team's worst nightmare when they are playing to their level of skill. A turned-on "s1mple" spearheaded the CIS offensive as they steamrolled Vitality at the beginning of the first half and secured an early 9-1 lead. Finally, Vitality woke up and managed to make the halftime scoreline somewhat respectable at 10-5, favoring NaVi. It seemed as if we would perhaps see a more ready Vitality roster going into the second half of Mirage. This, however, was not the case. Carrying over their momentum from their T-side, NaVi got another great start to their CT-side. Only allowing Vitality three rounds on their T-side, it was Natus Vincere to close out Mirage with conviction at the scoreline of 16-8.

The second map of the brawl was, of course, picked by Vitality and saw the two rosters head towards Overpass to continue the battle. Overpass is a map that Vitality often pick as their map pick and a map that has been played very few times by NaVi in the past three months (2 maps). Despite the numbers favoring Vitality, Overpass is also a map that allows for great impact from a team's individuals seeing that rotations can be done fast and in a multitude of different ways. This time it was the French and Danish roster to have the better start to Overpass. It wasn't long until the beast of NaVi was awakened and once again it was clear that NaVi were in charge. A cohesive CT-sided half concluded with Natus Vincere in the lead at the scoreline of 11-4. Once the two rosters had switched sides, Vitality would have to put up an impressive performance to get back into the game against NaVi. The comeback of dreams never happened for Vitality and a dominating victory was slowly but surely put together by NaVi. At the crushing scoreline of 16-5, Natus Vincere took home Overpass, won the Grand Final against Vitality, and celebrated their deserved victory in Lisbon, Portugal.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

Natus Vincere - Vitality 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Finals - Lisbon (Grand Final)

16-8 (Mirage) | b1t - 1.48 Rating / 21-15 K-D / 102.3 ADR

16-5 (Overpass) | electroNic - 1.89 Rating / 26-10 K-D / 116.0 ADR


: Valeriy "b1t" Vakhovskiy - 1.55 Rating / 41-25 K-D / 103.9 ADR

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