MOUZ is ready for IEM Rio Major Semifinal!

The European mix took down Cloud9 to join outsiders in the semifinal.

The second quarterfinal match between Cloud9 and MOUZ ended in a 1-2 victory for the European mix team MOUZ.

Inferno was the first map going into the Bo3 game between Cloud9 and MOUZ. A map pick that MOUZ has looked confident on throughout the entire tournament. Coming off to a great start was MOUZ after they took the pistol as well as converting the next three rounds into a 4-0 lead. Despite the early lead from the European mix team, HObbit and sh1ro stopped the streak from happening and turned the CT side into a winning half 6-9. The second pistol round played out in favor of Cloud9 making the Russians go up 6-12 before MOUZ put two CT rounds on the board. The Major winner HObbit and the rising superstar sh1ro took their team behind them and took down MOUZ to win the first map 11-16.

Next up was Overpass. A map that Cloud9 has looked great on when playing on the CT side. This time they started on the T side as they picked the map. An early aggressive MOUZ dominated Cloud9 to go up 8-1 in the first half. Cloud9 started to play their own CounterStrike as they took the last four out of six rounds in the half to make it 10-5 in favor of MOUZ.

In the Second half, Cloud9 started just like they did on the T side, losing the pistol round as well as the following rounds despite being close twice with the force buys. After four rounds straight for MOUZ, Cloud9 started to win duels and important clutches on the full buy rounds making the game 14-10. The picture looked a lot like something we have seen before against FaZe, but in two force/eco rounds from MOUZ, Cloud9 misplayed and lost the game 16-13 as the pistols from MOUZ were too strong when pushing the sites.

Ancient was left over as both teams took a win on each other's map pick to tie the game 1-1. Coming out firing was Cloud9 as they established themselves a 0-5 lead after converting the pistol round. But then suddenly, the Russians fell apart losing eight rounds in a row to the T side of MOUZ as dexter called some great tactics that frozen and JDC played to perfection. Despite some sad and frustrated faces from the Cloud9 side, they managed to take the last two rounds on the CT side to make the first half score line 7-8.

Switching over to the much weaker T side, Cloud9 once again took the pistol round to tie the game 8-8. Winning the pistol round once again was not enough for Cloud9 as MOUZ managed to turn a force buy into a win, to take control once again with odds being in their favor. With xertioN taking the winning duels and frozen playing well as the A-side defender, MOUZ saw themself winning eight out of nine rounds to win the map and the quarterfinal game against Cloud9 2-1.

Cloud9 – MOUZ 1-2 | IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

11-16 (Inferno) | Abay 'HObbit' Khasenov – 1.66 Rating / 30-16 K-D / 109.2 ADR

16-13 (Mirage) | David 'frozen' Čerňanský – 1.43 Rating / 25-16 K-D / 97.3.0 ADR

16-13 (Ancient) | Dorian 'xertioN' Berman – 1.41 Rating / 21-16 K-D / 91.4 ADR

MVP: David 'frozen' Čerňanský

MOUZ will be facing Outsiders in the semifinal as Outsiders took down Fnatic earlier today.

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