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mouz captain on superstar teammate: He’s already in the Top 4 best players in the world

We have sat down with dexter from mousesports to talk about his first time with the team and how it is playing with Robin "ropz" Kool.

In mid-February this year, Christopher "dexter" Nong left his home country of Australia to start a new chapter in his career in Germany, and more specifically at the iconic mousesports-org. With the move, the 26-year-old Aussie got a much more profiled team under his guidance, where one particular player has impressed him highly.

In an interview with Pley, the mousesports IGL express his admiration of playing together with ropz and how he believes that the rifler belongs to the very elite within CS:GO.

- I respect and admire ropz as a player a lot. He’s very dedicated and has a huge understanding of the game. I learn so much from him and the team. It’s nice to play with, what can I say, a guy that can just use the space the team gives him and punishes people for mistakes. – And I personally think he’s already in the top 4 best players in the world.

(dexter in action for Grayhound Gaming)

dexter also touches on his own start at mousesports, where he and the team have managed to take home strong titles at Flashpoint 3 and Snow Sweet Snow 3.  

- It has definitely elevated me as a leader. In my own opinion, I have far to go and I know where I need to work on. My stats have dropped off, due to playing 100% new positions on CT-side, but it is what it is. I’m always self-evaluating myself and the impact and what I can do better to improve.

mousesports' next event will be the important ESL Pro League Season 14 which is set to kick off at the 16th of August. The German team are placed in Group C alongside the likes of fnatic, BIG and NAVI and will play their first game on the 27th this month.

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