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Mousesports defeat GODSENT – Through to the Grand Final!

The run of the “Dane Slayers” is put to an end by Mousesports

In the first semi-final of the day, Mousesports faces GODSENT. To most people’s surprise acquiring Luka “emi” Vuković, seems to be just what GODSENT needed and the “Dane Slayers” have defeated world-class rosters such as North & Heroic in order to secure their place in the semi-finals against Mousesports.

One of the reasons for GODSENT success is to be found in their capabilities on Nuke. Beating both Heroic, Astralis, and Mousesports previously on Nuke, they have established themselves as one of the best Nuke-teams in the world.

It was also Nuke to be chosen against Mousesports this time around as the two teams entered the server, ready to fight. Mousesports is by no means a bad Nuke-team and gave GODSENT a real run for their money. The two European competitors exchanged rounds, almost from start to finish, but in the end, GODSENT managed to pull away from Mousesports and secure themselves a map-win on Nuke, once again.

The second map was to be played on Mirage, Mousesports’ map pick. Whilst being a great map for Mousesports, and especially for the two individuals of Robin “ropz” Kool and David “Frozen” Čerňanský, Mirage is known to be a map where everything can happen.

With momentum carrying over from map one, it was GODSENT to start the strongest and secure themselves an early lead. Soon, however, Mousesports caught up with their competitors and the first half ended as close as possible at 8-7. In the early stages of the second half, it was, seemingly, GODSENT who had the stronger tactics and at 13-10, with Mousesports only wielding pistols it seemed a difficult task.

Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras, however, showed his fellow teammates exactly how it is done, and with a Deagle 4k, he managed to spark a fire. A fire that ultimately saw Mousesports turning on their engines and winning Mirage 16-13.

The final map was to take place over on Inferno. GODSENT came flying out of the gates and was the stronger team in the early stages. It took seven consecutive rounds for Mousesports to answer back GODSENT. However, they managed to make it as even as possible going into the second half with a scoreline of 8-7.

The second half was not quite as even as the first. With GODSENT giving their absolute best they managed to show everyone how good they are. In the end, however, it was Mousesports to pull away from GODSENT and secure themselves a 16-10 victory and thereby also a spot in the Grand Final.

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