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Live: Copenhagen Flames vs. Lilmix – Dignitas vs. x6tence

Two Scandinavian clashes at MIDNITE Nine to Five 7 are about to go live.

It's day 3 of the MIDNITE Nine to Five 7!

Two Danish teams are both facing off a Swedish-sided line-up in the Swiss round 3 of MIDNITE Nine to Five 7. The Swedish Team Dignitas with well-known legends of f0rest and friberg are favorites going into the game against x6tence and the Danish squad has to have a good game plan that will stop the two veterans from shining.

Copenhagen Flames on the other stream takes on Lilmix who has a 6-map losing streak on Overpass, while the Danes have a 75% win rate on it. x6tence will surely hope to pick Overpass in the map Veto as its one of their most played maps with the highest win rate.

Who will come out on top and be a step closer at making the playoffs in the $50.000 event?

Watch the games live here and find out:

Copenhagen Flames vs. Lilmix

Dignitas vs. x6tence

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