Is the Support Player Role Dead in 2022?

Do teams still use a support player on their team? And what kind of role do they have?

Most people are aware of the different roles on a CS:GO team. The AWP'er, in-game leader, and the entry-fragger are often positions that are very recognizable on a team. But who is the support player, and what does a support player do? And do teams use a support player in 2022?

In this video, Niels Christian "NaToSaphiX" Sillassen has set his eyes on the support player role. Here he points out three different ways of playing the support player role in different teams.

On HLTV there is a leaderboard for support rounds. Here you can see the top five.

1. interz - 27.5%
2. Aleksib - 24.5%
3. Xyp9x - 23.7%
4. drop - 23.4%
5. frozen - 22.1%

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