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Insane s1mple show catapults NAVI into Semi-Finals

The Ukrainian dominated Astralis, who will begin their playoff journey in the quarter-finals at IEM Cologne.

The playoff schedule is set after NAVI late Sunday night took care of Astralis in three maps.

On Ancient and Inferno, NAVI had the upper hand and won comfortably, while losing their own map pick on Dust2 after a huge brawl, that saw some of the old Astralis "magic" with great clutches. It was not enough to win the match though. MVP was Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, who constantly made life difficult for the Danes throughout the match. The Ukrainian ended with +41 in K-D and a rating of 1.65!

Tonight's results have set the following playoff bracket:

16/7 - 16.00: Virtus.pro - Astralis
16/7 - 19.15: Gambit - FaZe

17/7 - 16.00: G2 - Virtus.pro/Astralis
17/7 - 19.15: Natus Vincere - Gambit/FaZe

18/7 - 16.00: Grand Final

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