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Hobbit on Ax1Le: He’s killing it every time

The Gambit captain praised his teammate in the post-match interview after they took down Astralis.

Gambit managed to book themselves a spot in the semi-finals at ESL Pro League S13 following a two-map victory over the mighty Danes from Astralis, who will have to fight for survival on Friday against the Brazilians from FURIA. 

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Hobbit and company's victory over Astralis was decorated by an incredible display from Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov who was praised by his captain in the post-match interview with the desk at ESL Pro League. 

“It was a typical day for Ax1Le, he’s killing it every time,” Hobbit said after the match. The IGL also thanked his teammates and especially Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov for taking over some of the calls in stressed situations. “I’d like to say thanks to my teammates. I was a bit stressed on Inferno, but nafany’s calls were really great. I didn’t expect us to win Inferno. I had lost a lot of Inferno games to Astralis. It’s hard to play against them on this map.” 

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