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Heroic receives backclash after newly released statement

The Danish organization have presented a new culture called "Being Heroic", but some people have questioned their exact culture and values.

Heroic have this evening put out a statement under the title “Being Heroic”, on their official Twitter profile. The Danish team says in the statement that they have established a new job occupation inside their organization, called Chief Cultural Officier. The new position will "develop a firm basis of values and a culture which we will name ‘Being Heroic’”. A culture which stands for “being your best you, both on and off the server”

The statement has received heavy back clash, from a variety of people in the CS:GO scene. Because some individuals believe that Heroic doesn’t hold a clear conscience, due to the decision not to dismiss Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen. Hunden, who was among the 37 coaches which received a ban in the disputed “Coaching Bug” scandal. The Danish coach was not discharged by Heroic after the announcement, they just chose to redeploy him as an analyst.

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Watch some of the reaction from analyst and experts Janko "YNk" Paunović and Mohan "launders" Govindasamy who both questions Heroic’s new “Being Heroic” culture.

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