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Heroic eliminate NKT in quarter-finals at BLAST showdown

The Danes will face ENCE in the Semi-finals.

Heroic continued their run of form by beating NKT 2-0 to continue their hunt for a BLAST Premier Spring Final spot, winning 16-7 on Inferno and finishing things 16-11 on Nuke.

The series started with NKT’s map pick of Inferno, but the Danes starting on the CT side outplayed the Asian squad in the first half. NKT was only able to pick up two rounds before the halftime. Despite being under big pressure, NKT had a more effective CT side, winning the pistol and putting on a streak of five rounds at the start of the half. Unfortunately, it was not enough, and the Danes managed to close the map out 16-7.

The action continued on Heroic’s pick of Nuke, but it was NKT who managed to pick up the pistol and convert it to a 6-0 lead on their defense. Towards the end of their offense, the Danes managed to grab a handful of rounds to make things competitive, getting to a respectable 5-10 score going into the second period. If the first half of the map was NKT with the advantage, the second was all Heroic as they opened with a successful pistol round. The Danes went on a ten round winning streak and only allowed NKT to get one round and won convincingly on the CT side to secure the 16-11 map and the 2-0 series.

Heroic – NKT 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022 Europe

16-7 (Inferno) |  cadiaN - 1.94 Rating / 27-9 K-D / 103.4 ADR

16-11 (Nuke |  cadiaN - 1.33 Rating / 24-16 K-D / 87.5 ADR

MVP:  Casper "cadiaN" Møller - 1.61 Rating / 51-25 K-D / 94.8 ADR

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