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Heroic dismantle ZywOo and Vitality to reach semi-finals in Katowice

The Danes were on another level in the Group B upper final.

Heroic will have to be considered among the favorites to win IEM Katowice after their dominant performance against Team Vitality today.

With Jakob 'jabbi' Nygaard continuing his incredible form the Danes were able to control the game from the start until the end. Both on Inferno and Overpass it was their explosive T sides that cut right through the defense of Vitality.

Heroic won 16-7, 16-4 to qualify directly for the semi-finals at IEM Katowice. The Danes can look back at a superb groupstage play, where jabbi and sjuush have taken their level to new heights as the so-called support players for cadiaN and stavn.

Vitality will have to go through the quarter-finals in order to try and win the tournament. The playoffs start on Friday.

Heroic – Team Vitality 2-0 | IEM Katowice

MVP: Rasmus 'sjuush' Beck - 1.52 rating / 40-24 K-D / 98.7 ADR

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