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Heroic break 2023 curse and win BLAST Spring Finals

The Danes took down Vitality in three maps to secure the title.

After deep runs in IEM Katowice, IEM Rio, Paris Major and IEM Dallas, Heroic finally managed to win a tournament in 2023. The venue was Washington and their Grand Final opponents were the defending Major champions from Vitality, who could secure their third straight tournament win with a victory in the BLAST Spring Finals.

But on Vertigo, something strange happened. Heroic selected to start on their T-side on Vitality’s map pick. It seemed to throw Vitality somewhat off guard. Especially Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut was way off his standards with just two kills in the first half! On the T-side, the French superstar delivered better, but then all of his teammates fell off. Heroic had no problems winning 16-9, and had the chance of winning the match on their own map pick of Mirage.

After a close start to the map, it was Vitality and Dan 'apEX' Madesclaire who turned the match around. The in-game leader called an excellent T-side for Vitality, who went on to win Mirage 16-10.

Fittingly the perhaps last ever Tier-1 CS:GO tournament ended on Inferno as the decider map. Another close first half gave promise for an epic ending to the season, but Heroic wanted it different. With an impressive T-side, where the Danes constantly avoided Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut by picking the right bombsites to attack again and again, Heroic broke Vitality. In typical Heroic fashion where every player on the team ended with a positive K-D score, the Danish roster used teamplay as their strongest weapon to take down the number 1 in the world in convincing fashion.

With the win, Heroic also booked a spot to the World’s Finals in Abu Dhabi in December.

Heroic – Team Vitality 2-1 | BLAST Premier Spring Finals – Washington

MVP: Jakob 'jabbi' Nygaard – 1.23 rating

Result of BLAST Spring Finals 2023:

1. Heroic - $200.000

2. Vitality - $85.000

3-4th. G2 - $40.000

3-4th. Imperial - $40.000

5-6th. FaZe - $20.000

5-6th. Complexity - $20.000

7-8th. Astralis - $10.000

7-8th. Cloud9 - $10.000

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