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Heroic are the champions at Pinnacle Cup Championship!

Heroic take their first LAN win!

The Grand Final at Pinnacle Cup Championship had the two biggest Danish teams going up against each other. It was the Danish derby: Astralis vs. Heroic.

The brawl kicked off on Astralis' pick of Ancient, and they got off to a great 3-0 start on the T side. But their luck quickly turned around as Heroic started taking advantage of the dominant Ancient CT side. "cadiaN" and co. ended the half on an 11-1 run and headed to the T side with a massive lead.
Heroic copied Astralis and took the first three rounds as the terrorists, and after a five-round streak for Astralis, managed to close it out and take map one.

Astralis started out strong on the second map of Overpass where they got a sizeable 6-2 CT side lead. Heroic made a bit of a run toward the end, but Astralis still ended up with a lead of 9-6.
Like map one, Heroic was completely dominant as soon as they arrived on the CT side. They would only give up two rounds before they were able to throw Astralis out of the server, and hoist the trophy.

Astralis – Heroic 0-2 | Pinnacle Cup Championships

9-16 (Ancient) |  cadiaN – 1.44 Rating / 22-9 K-D / 74.0 ADR

11-16 (Overpass) |  stavn – 1.56 Rating / 25-15 K-D / 106.4 ADR

MVP:  René "TeSeS" Madsen – 1.38 Rating / 42-30 K-D / 95.5 ADR

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