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“Heartbreaking” and " a deserved exit”: MOUZ reacts to the Major exit in Paris

The young MOUZ squad leaves Paris without winning a single map.

From making it all the way to the semifinals at the previous Major in Rio de Janeiro to getting eliminated and finishing last place at Paris Major.

That’s the hard reality MOUZ has to face after their catastrophic campaign in the French capital, where they did not manage to win a single map, and yesterday was thrown out by GamerLegion in a clear 2-0 loss.

MOUZ captain Christopher "dexter" Nong took his time to speak with BLAST right after the loss, where he was clearly upset about the early exit.

- It’s pretty shit. We worked really hard and everyone kind of deserves the most. But it’s the Major so someone had to lose, and today it just had to be us… There is a lot of pressure in these tournaments and we expected a lot of ourselves, and when it comes down to situations like this it’s heartbreaking.

Dennis "sycrone" Nielsen, the head coach of MOUZ, also touched on the lacklustre performance in an interview with Here the Danish coach was brutally honest and said that it was fair that they are out.

- Both of these teams [MOUZ’s first two opponents; NIP and OG] deserve it a bit more than we did in those games. We did not play particularly well at any time, so it's completely fair that we are out to be honest.

- Maybe it's the nerves and the pressure that get to us a bit. You just can't depend on people to deliver individually all the time. You have to have some team play and some routine to fall back on, and that just totally fell through today and yesterday, sycrone said to

You can see the entire post-match interview with dexter down below.

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