Hades, ENCE

Credit: Stephanie-Lindgren - ESL

hades: The clutch king of 2022

The Polish AWP'er that just can't seem to lose clutches

There are many different aspects of a given CS:GO round at a professional level. The start of a round, mid-round, and the final stage of the round. Whilst entry-fraggers are crucial to have on any good CS:GO team at the highest level, opening the round with a kill for the remaining four players to capitalize on, a player with the ability to clutch and close out rounds is just as important.

Whilst it might seem quite straightforward, clutching, even if you are only against one opponent, takes a very specific ability to remain calm and collected when all eyes are on you. Known to be a daunting opponent to face when they are left alone, are the likes of "shox" and "Xyp9x" - players who have made clutching a specialty and who you know you can count on, even in the toughest of situations.

Whilst there is no doubt about the very impressive capabilities of both "shox" and "Xyp9x" when it comes to clutching, it seems as if there is a new kid in town. A kid that goes by the name of Olek "hades" Miskiewicz. The Polish AWP'er from ENCE has accumulated the most amount of successful clutches so far in 2022. In Bo3-series in the top 20, he has already managed to win a total of 36 rounds, left alone with no teammates to help him. Coming out ahead of the likes of "REZ" and "sh1ro" sitting on second and third most clutches won, "hades" might be the new clutch king of 2022.

Take a look at some of the impressive highlights he has managed to accumulate and admire his ability to remain cool, calm, and collected in the most high-pressured situations:

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