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German domination as BIG destroys Astralis

The Danes were unrecognizable on the second map at BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

BIG is through to the third round at BLAST Premier Spring Groups after a 2-0 victory against Astralis.

The match was highly anticipated and considered fairly even before the Germany vs Denmark battle began. But all the changed during the match.

It started on Dust2, where BIG started out strongly before Astralis managed to catch up before the break. In the second half BIG once again showed some fine Counter-Strike and defended their lead to win the map 16-13.

On to Mirage and Astralis' map pick. The Danes started on their T-side, which proved to be a catastrophe. Round after round the Danes got mowed down. BIG won 13 rounds in a row before Benjamin 'blameF' Bremer managed to win a 1vs2 clutch to give his team the first point of the map. It was a humiliation of the former number 1 in the world, who could see the entire BIG team have spectacular rounds. On the top of the scoreboard Florian 'syrsoN' Rische went completely mad with a 26-3 K-D in the first half alone!

After the break, BIG coasted home the victory to complete the humiliation and win 16-7.

Astralis can still qualify for the Spring Finals with a victory on Sunday against the loser of FaZe vs BIG.

BIG - Astralis 2-0 | BLAST Premier Spring Groups

16-13 (Dust2) | Lucky – 1.25 Rating / 22-12 K-D / 68.8 ADR

16-7 (Mirage) | syrsoN 2.31 Rating / 32-7 K-D / 144.6 ADR

MVP: Florian 'syrsoN' Rische - 1.61 Rating / 50-20 K-D / 100.4 ADR

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