Credit: Gambit

Gambit won on cruise control against Akuma!

The StarLadder CIS RMR 2021 provided us with a great game, where Gambit dominated against Akuma.

The first map was to be played on Vertigo, which was Gambit´s map choice, and a choice that was chosen wisely as they delivered a win!

The first half was very even when Gambit was on the T side and after the first half, the score was 8-7 in favor of Gambit.

In the second half on Vertigo Gambit dominated to the fullest as the CT side, where they won 8-3 as the CT side and this was enough for Gambit to take the map win at 16-10.

The second map was on Inferno, which was chosen by Akuma, but the Ukrainian roster didn’t deliver on the day against a strong Gambit side.

In the first half as the CT side Gambit delivered a fantastic performance, as they managed to win 11-4 which meant that the game probably only was a formality, because of the strength of the Gambit roster.

And soon after the second half began the game was over as Gambit managed to win five of the seven first round, which was enough for them to take the map and game point, as they won the second map 16-6.

Akuma – Gambit (0-2) | StarLadder CIS RMR 2021

10-16 (Vertigo) | sh1ro – 1.63 Rating / 28-13 K-D / 91.5 ADR

6-16 (Inferno) | Ax1Le – 1.83 Rating / 22-8 – K-D / 115.6 ADR

MVP of the series

Sergey ”Ax1Le” Rykhtorov – 1.40 Rating / 38-24 K-D / 92.6 ADR

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