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Credit: Damian Gatkiewicz ESL

Gambit eliminate Heroic from IEM Katowice

A dominant performance on the decider secured Gambit a spot in the Lower final in Group A.

The Russian-side are through to the Lower final in Group A following a 2-1 victory over the Danes from Heroic. The Danish squad leaves the tournament with a 9-12th place and $16.000, while Gambit move on to face the winner of Evil Geniuses vs G2 in the Lower final.

Overpass: 12-16 | TeSeS – 1.25 Rating | 86.2 ADR | 19-15 K/D
Inferno: 16-14 | sh1ro – 1.47 Rating | 84.7 ADR | 29-15 K/D
Mirage: 16-3 | sh1ro – 1.85 Rating | 94.1 ADR | 19-7 K/D

Both teams started off the series by winning each other’s map pick which resulted in the match going the distance. On the decider of Mirage, the Russian-side came out strongly and began to take control of the pace. Heroic was left in a tough spot as they didn’t manage to find their footing and stabilize their CT-side, which resulted in only 3 rounds on the scoreline for the Danish-side. As the teams switched side with the scoreline being 12-3, Gambit took the pistol round and Heroic would need a miracle to make a comeback. sh1ro and company quickly wrapped up the map without losing a single round on their CT-side to survive in the tournament.  

Highlight of the series:


Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov | 1.39 Rating | 83.6 ADR | 70.1% KAST | 66-40 K/D

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