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Gambit avoid upset in thrilling matchup at IEM Fall CIS

sh1ro and company got the victory in the end, even though they struggled heavily at some points.


That's the number of places between INDE IRAE and Gambit on the current world ranking. However, being massive underdogs didn’t stop the boys from INDE IRAE from giving the superstars from Gambit a super hard time on Ancient.

In the Bo1 match against Gambit, the #82 ranked team managed to set up a near-perfect CT-side in the first half, which meant that INDE IRAE went into the switch with an 11-4 lead. Unfortunately for the underdogs, Gambit turned up the heat in the second half, where especially Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov was playing some impressive CS.

Gambit cemented the comeback win through an impressive defence on the CT-side, setting the score at 16-12.

Gambit vs. INDE IRAE 1-0| IEM Fall CIS

16-13 (Ancient) | sh1ro – 1.39 Rating / 28-15 K-D / 89.9 ADR

On the C Stream, forZe met the lower-ranked Kazakhstanis from Unique in their initial match at the important RMR event. Opposite to Gambit, forZe didn’t manage to avoid the upset, as they were handed a 16-12 loss by Unique.

Unique vs. forZe 1-0 | IEM Fall CIS

16-12 (Ancient) | icem4N – 1.52 Rating / 27-16 K-D / 100.2 ADR

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