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Credit: Damian Gatkiewicz ESL

Gambit are ready for the playoffs at EPIC League CIS 2021

The group stage of the CIS Regional Major Ranking tournament has been concluded.

Gambit are through to the playoffs at EPIC League CIS 2021 following a 2-0 victory over Nemiga in the fifth round of the Swiss group stage. The Gambit squad haven’t lived up to their expected level at the RMR so far and suffered 2-0 losses to their rivals from NAVI and Spirit, but still managed to secure a playoff spot with victories over Akuma, Trident, and finally Nemiga.

The clash between the two teams saw Gambit take down their opponents on Vertigo (16-12) before wrapping up the series 2-0 following a controlled victory on Inferno (16-11).

Vertigo: 16-12 | Hobbit – 1.37 Rating – 96.2 ADR – 24-16 K/D
Inferno: 16-11 | Ax1Le – 1.52 Rating – 101.9 ADR – 30-17 K/D

MVP: Abay “Hobbit” Khasenov – 1.35 Rating – 89.1 ADR – 46-30 K/D – 72.7% KAST

The initial playoff matchups at the event are as follows:

Gambit vs. Entropiq
Spirit vs. K23
forZe vs. Virtus.pro
NAVI vs. Akuma

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