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G2 owner after Boombl4 talks: Get a grip!

In a recent interview, Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov stated, that he had talks with G2, but maybe that is not the full truth.

Earlier today, HLTV referenced a livestream session with Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhaylov and a popular Russian rapper, where the former NAVI in-game leader spoke about negotiations with G2.

Here Boombl4 revealed, that he was in talks with G2, but that the it fell through in the early stages due to different complications such as his level of English, lack of willingness to relocate to Europe, and his tarnished reputation.

A short while after the owner of G2, Carlos 'ocelote' Rodriguez commented on the claims made by Boombl4.

The question now remains, where the future of the Russian in-game leader lies. According to his own statement, it is hard to see him playing for an Organization outside his home country.

- Playing in a European team but without friends, without family and close ones is very difficult, Boombl4 says. It's not a matter of attachment to a country, but rather to close ones and social circle. And I would not want to leave it, because, without it, the emotional state will simply be… you will quickly burn out and you won’t be able to get this energy anywhere as with close ones and friends who support and spend time with you.

You can read the full story with more quotes from Boombl4 on HLTV.

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