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forZe eviscerate Spirit 16-0 and secure 2-0 victory

forZe has managed to secure their first three points at DH November 2021

With the second day of DreamHack November 2021 reaching its end, a CIS brawl was still to be decided between forZe and Spirit. Both teams had to see themselves bested on the first day of the event and at the bottom of Group B with zero points. This, however, would change as one of them would, of course, take home three points and strengthen their position within the group. Whilst Spirit is currently ranked higher than forZe within HLTV’s official rankings, it was clear that the void of “mir” and “chopper” still haunts the Spirit roster in some ways. After a close first map on Ancient, it was forZe to completely destroy Team Spirit on Nuke and take home the Bo3-series in just two maps.

The first map was the choice of forZe and saw the Bo3-series start on Ancient. Despite being the pick of forZe it was their opponents of Spirit to start the strongest on the map. With confident CT-sided play, Team Spirit managed to gain an impressive 8-0 lead before being answered back. Luckily for the side of forZe they managed to regain some control and could walk away with a scoreline of 9-6, favoring Team Spirit. The second half saw forZe take complete control and Spirit only narrowly managing to secure overtime. However, it was too late for the Spirit roster it seemed as forZe steamrolled them in overtime and took home Ancient at the scoreline of 19-15.

The second map of the series was to be played on Nuke and was, of course, picked by Team Sprit. The troubles of Team Spirit continued as did the confidence of forZe. This time it was forZe to secure an 8-0 lead on their CT-side of Nuke. Looking completely shellshocked, it seemed impossible for Spirit to do anything against the defense of forZe. At the embarrassing scoreline 15-0, it was Spirit to face an impossible task in the second half of Nuke. And an impossible task it was. Spirit was quickly eliminated in the pistol round and forZe could walk away with three points after destroying their opponents on Nuke.

Highlight of the BO3-series

forZe – Spirit (2-0) | DreamHack November 2021

19-15 (Ancient) |

zorte – 1.46 Rating / 35-20 K-D / 90.6 ADR

16-0 (Nuke) |

zorte – 1.85 Rating / 18-6 K-D / 109.5 ADR


Aleksandr “zorte” Zagodyrenko | 1.58 Rating / 53-26 K-D / 96.6 ADR

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