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Farlig: You can't be in Astralis without having the ambitions to be the best in the world

In a talk with Pley, the AWPer discuss his move to Astralis and how he experienced being away from the scene for several months.

Tuesday this week, Astralis announced the signing of the powerful sniper Asger “Farlig” Jensen. The former FunPlus Phoenix profile is set to replace Phillip “Lucky” Ewald as he was moved to the bench to make way for his three-year older countrymen.

Following the recent transfer, we got the opportunity to hear from the man himself, where we asked him about his and Astralis’ goals going forward but also the period after his benching on FPX.

Astralis is arguably one of the biggest and most famous CS:GO teams in history – What were your thoughts when they first reached out to you?

- Incredibly proud, humble and more motivated than ever.

- Everybody talks about Astralis in Denmark, it is a huge brand with a massive, professional organization and an incredible fanbase. I mean, Royal Arena was filled for BLAST and it seemed like nearly every single fan there was an Astralis fan. At the same time, it is an organization known for their performance model and support staff surrounding their players. I am incredibly excited to be an Astralis player and to get a first-hand experience of what it is like.

You haven't played any matches since October 2021 – How have you stayed in shape for CS:GO?

- I have been playing FACEIT and watching demos, when you aren't active you definitely have time to watch nearly every CSGO match being played by top teams.

On a more personal basis, how did you experience the period after FPX decided to leave the scene and transfer list you and the team?

- Well, initially nothing was happening for any of us FPX players, given that we were transfer listed right before the Major. It was a long waiting period for me before teams began expressing any interest; I can't blame FPX for benching us, we didn't deliver any results. I'm just happy to be back in business now, and with such an exciting organization and roster.

Farlig wants to bring Astralis back to winning trophies at the top of CS:GO

Was it tough for you to be without a team and be in this uncertainty concerning your future in CS:GO?

- Yes, seeing teams playing matches from the sidelines is frustrating. It doesn't even matter what tier matches are being played, just the fact that you, yourself, aren't playing or practicing with a team feels like a time waste, but obviously, the feeling is amplified when watching the big tournaments. Seeing Katowice in particular really sparked a feeling of wanting to be there to participate in me.

Were you confident that a top-tier team would sign you after your and FPX's performance in 2021?

- I felt it was fairly likely, but as they say: Nothing is a certainty.

What do you hope you and the Astralis team can achieve this year?

- First of all, we want to become a better version of Astralis. You can't be in this organization without ambitions to win and to be the best in the world, but the competition is strong and there is a lot of work to do, so it's all about improving each day. Personally, I want to win trophies this year, and I'm certain we can win one if we better our play incrementally every day.

What are your personal goals in CS:GO for this year after having signed with Astralis?

- I want to show that I can be a huge contributing factor towards winning within the team; I am not satisfied with the individual level I showed during my time in FPX, but in the end, it's a team game, and if I can help in making the team a better version of itself, I am happy.

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