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Astralis signs new AWP'er - Lucky benched

Asger 'farlig' Jensen joins the Danish roster.

After their worst run in history at an IEM Katowice event, Astralis has announced a change to their lineup.

- Our head coach, Alex "Ave", has worked with the players to make it work and it has become clear what is needed on the team, and we have chosen to speed up the process by picking up a skilled, aggressive player with lots of firepower who can contribute from day 1. I am therefore glad we have reached an agreement with Asger "farlig" Jensen, who immediately joins us as a new AWP player, Director of Sports at Astralis, Kasper Hvidt.

Asger "farlig" Jensen has previously played for FunPlus Phoneix, GODSENT, and Copenhagen Flames. The Danish AWP'er was free on the market after FunPlus Phoenix discontinued their CS:GO Division in late 2021.

The benching of Philip "Lucky" Ewald comes after a difficult time for the 19-year-old sniper, who was switched around in positions on the team, and had to play with several different rosters during his seven months on the team.

-  The change means that we have to bench Philip "Lucky" Ewald. For 7 months he has worked with himself and the team, but, unfortunately and despite all his and the team’s work, we have not been able to get the best out of him. Philip is a cool and very well-liked guy with some obvious skills we have not managed to unfold. He will stay on contract for now, and no matter what happens, I am sure we will hear more from “Lucky” in the future, Kasper Hvidt states in a press announcement.

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