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ex-NAVI coach on s1mple’s outbursts: It’s something that shouldn’t happen at all

NAVI’s former coach Mikhailo “kane” Blahin commented on s1mple’s emotional outbursts during the Fall Finals event.

During the recent BLAST Fall Finals event in Copenhagen, Denmark, there were a couple of clips of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev getting annoyed towards his teammates after losing rounds and important situations. The Ukrainian AWPer received a lot of criticism for his behavior and the emotional outbursts during the tournament, which his former NAVI coach Mikhailo “kane” Blahin now has commented on over on his Telegram channel.

I can't say that he behaved that way often when I was coaching NAVI. But it's something that shouldn't happen at all. We were working on this issue with a psychologist. For Sanya, it's important to be aware of everything happening in the game, including why his team loses. He is very prone to emotions in the game, but he controls them perfectly out of the server. This situation proves that sdy actually wasn't accepted by the team. The sooner they'll part ways, the better. That's my subjective opinion.

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