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Credit: Damian Gatkiewicz ESL

The ESL Pro League Grand-final is going to be unwatchable

The final contains a match between the world two best teams in the world right now.

The two teams have shown the viewers a perfect understanding of their teammate’s gameplay, the trust in their teammates is unbelievable.

Teamwork is dreamwork, the two teams have amazing players, but there is no player like s1mple and ZywOo the two best players in the world.

Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov has been amazing at the event, and he is the player with the highest rating at the event, with a rating of 1.35, a fantastic performance from a great player.

Gambit is the favorites for the bookmakers, but in a final, no one knows what is going to happen, because finals have their own lives.

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