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ESIC considering reopening the case of coach-bug against Heroic

The commission may open a case against Heroics players to clarify if they knew of the coach’s cheating during two matches in 2020.

The former Heroic head coach was served an eight-month ban by ESIC last year, because of his usage of the "Spectator Bug. Now is the speculation about whether the players knew about the bug and were accepting it. According to TV2 Sporten HUNDEN claimed that Heroic players knew about the usage of the coaching bug. The last few day's allegations from the coach may result in the case being reopened by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission).

“It’s about time the cards finally come to the table, and for ESIC and the rest of the world to gain insight into the matter” – HUNDEN

So far, no players have been penalized by ESIC for having participated in cheating with the bug.

“There was none specific evidence available about the players' involvement in the cheating and exploitation of the 'coaching bug' on any of the teams involved, and at that time we didn't have the resources to proactively catch up. If we had been introduced to it, then we would have looked at it, just as we would do now” – Ian Smith.

On Monday, TV 2 SPORT commented on Nicolai 'HUNDEN' Petersen ESIC 'and Ian Smith's comments. The former coach said that he is already preparing all his documentation, in particular on handing it over to ESIC.

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