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Endpoint release new academy program

Working together with ROG the British organization has started an academy program

The British organization Endpoint has just announced that they will be starting an Academy program with the help of ROG. The academy will be called Endpoint ROG Academy and is started in hopes of providing up-and-coming UK players the needed tools and guidence in order to grow as players, as well as on a personal level. One of the key figures in this new and exciting project will be Head Coach George "Whitney" White. He expressed his eagerness to start the project in the following statement:

"I have coached numerous rosters within the EU and the UK and done plenty of 1-1 coaching to keep myself active. I'm a young, hungry coach with high ambitions to build a roster from scratch and to build upon a players individual skills to become a better person."

Besides the academy, Endpoint will be releasing two different hubs. One for scouting new talents and one where players, independent on their current skill-level, will get the chance to compete for different prizes. Endpoint will financially support the academy by sending the team to various LAN-events and thereby strengthening, not only their online capabilities, but also their LAN-experience.

Hopefully the academy will successfully manage to bring up new talents from the UK-scene as it has been sparse throughout the latest years of Counter-Strike.

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