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ENCE shock Vitality in ESL Pro League to qualify for playoffs

Another fantastic performance from the ENCE squad as they take down the Frenchmen from Vitality 2-0.

allu and company are looking to climb back to the top with their international roster. They have shown incredible form at the ESL Pro League Season 13 event and have won three matches so far to secure playoffs.

ENCE’s 2-0 upset over Team Vitality sees three teams tied at the top of Group B in ESL Pro League. The star of today’s match was Aleksi “allu” Jalli, who was sensational on the second map of the series, pushing his team over the line with a 1.35-rated series.

Nuke: 16-10 | Snappi – 1.29 Rating – 96.5 ADR – 23/19 K-D
Dust2: 16-9 | allu – 1.73 Rating – 90.9 ADR – 26/12 K-D

It was ZywOo and company who started on the right foot on the opener. The Frenchmen finished off the first half with a 9-6 lead and were looking pretty sharp. But as soon as the teams switched sides, ENCE began to find their footing and grabbed the first three rounds of the second half. Despite picking up crucial rounds in the first half, Vitality failed to shut down the ENCE offence moving forward as allu and company cruised to a 16-10 map win.

Dust 2 saw the Finnish team wrap up the series 2-0, closing out the map 16-9 in a controlled manner. Both teams followed each other in the first half with the score line showing 8-7 in ENCE’s favor. ENCE only allowed the Frenchmen to grab 2 rounds before allu helped his team wrap up the series with a 1.73 rating.

MVP: Aleksi “allu” Jalli – 1.35 Rating – 78.6 ADR – 42-28 K/D

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