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ENCE secure playoffs spot as the first team in Group D

Yesterday's upset team stood no chance against ENCE.

ENCE is ready to face the world's best in the playoffs at EPL S17. The mixed European roster took an important win over Rare Atom to secure themselves a spot in the playoffs. What looked like a walk in the park for ENCE on paper could have ended in yet another upset as Rare Atom managed to pull off an insane upset against team liquid in yesterday's opening matches. However, ENCE made it look easy as they controlled the game from the very start.

The first map of the series ended with an ENCE victory as they destroyed Rare Atom on the CT side.

As ENCE´s new rifler NertZ kept playing light outs, Rare Atom found it hard to push through the ENCE defense. ENCE won the first half 12-3. Needing only four rounds on the T side ENCE were quick to close out the game as they secured themselves four rounds in a row to close out the map one 16-3.

Up next, Nuke. This time, Rare Atom was the team to come out pressing the speeder to the absolute maks. The Chinese team gained a 5-0 lead during the early stages of the game. However, ENCE fought their way back on the weaker T side as they won the last eight out of teen rounds to win the half 8-7.

Despite Rare Atom winning the second pistol round of the game, ENCE was the team to close out the map on the CT side. Once again ENCE saw their newest edition to the team NertZ dominates his opponents.

Rare Atom - ENCE 0-2 | ESL Pro League Season 17 Group D

MVP: NertZ - 1.52 rating / 42-26 K-D / 97.7 ADR

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