Hades, ENCE

Credit: Stephanie-Lindgren - ESL

ENCE reverse sweep MOUZ to win Group C

Dominating performances on Nuke and Overpass send ENCE to the playoffs!

MOUZ and ENCE faced off to determine the winner of Group C at Roobet Cup. It started out close but ended extremely one-sided.

The action started on MOUZ's pick of Mirage, where 'torzsi' and 'Bymas' stole the show very early on with a pair of immaculate and clutch quad kills. The hard-hitting duo would lead the team to a win in what was an extremely close game, partially due to an outstanding performance from 'dycha' on the ENCE's T side.

The second map of Nuke was anything but close. From start to finish it was a straight-up outclassing from ENCE that left MOUZ in the dust. 'dexter' and co. managed to pick up a round here and there, but it was never really convincing enough to put the ENCE victory in doubt.

ENCE continued their dominance on the deciding map of Overpass. 'Spinx', who had been surprisingly absent on the first two maps, was finally showing up and alongside him was 'hades'. The young duo's firepower in combination with 'Snappi' calling a good game led to an entirely one-sided win for ENCE on the final map of the series.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

ENCE - MOUZ 2-1 | Roobet Cup 2022

13-16 (Mirage) | torzsi - 1.70 Rating / 30-16 K-D / 98.1 ADR

16-8 (Nuke) | hades - 1.38 Rating / 20-13 K-D / 89.2 ADR

16-4 (Overpass) | hades - 1.73 Rating / 18-7 K-D / 105.2 ADR

MVP: Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz - 1.31 Rating / 58-37 K-D / 79.6 ADR

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