ENCE present new academy team

The Finnish organization has unveiled its new junior roster.

After six months of hard work to set up a new academy team, the Finnish organization, ENCE, has finally unveiled its new junior roster. The academy roster consists of Veeti “S1rva” Sirva, Paavo “podi” Heiskanen, Henri “HENU” Ylilehto, Ville “myltsi” Vilkman, and Youssef “juissi” Adam, who all will be making their LAN debut in the Assembly Summer CS:GO Pro Tournament, which takes place in the start of August. George “Whitey” White will be the head coach of the academy team, while Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen will guide the team as Program Lead.

“Our academy team is now set, and I couldn’t be happier. We’re proud to start developing this team alongside Whitey and the whole organization. We want to offer our players the best possible growth environment to develop themselves towards the international playing field” – Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen

The head coach of the team, Whitey, also commented on the new team and shared a similar view as his new partner in Woomera.

“Although the result are important to me, the team, and the organization, the biggest focus point with this team is to improve every single player both in and out of the server and to mold them into being better players and people for their future careers in Counter-Strike.”

ENCE Academy roster looks as follows:

Veeti “S1rva” Sirva (IGL)
Paavo “podi” Heiskanen (Main AWPer)
Henri “HENU” Ylilehto (Rifler)
Youssef “juissi” Adam (Rifler)
Ville “myltsi” Vilkman (Rifler)

George “Whitey” White (Head coach)

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