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ENCE advance to IEM Katowice Group Stage

ENCE become the fifth team to secure a berth to the main event in Katowice.

The Finns from ENCE have qualified for the main stage of IEM Katowice 2022, following a 2-1 victory over GODSENT in the lower bracket round 2.

ENCE kicked off the series on the right foot by easily picking up an 11-4 halftime lead on the attacking side of Nuke. The Brazilians just couldn’t keep up with ENCE’s aggressive approach, and things didn’t get better for them in the second half, as ENCE just kept crushing them to close out things with a dominant 16-5 scoreline.

On the second map of the series, Ancient, ENCE nearly ran away with the victory at 15-13, but the Brazilian squad eventually ran out as winners after securing overtime, 19-22. GODSENT’s dumau played a key role in the victory and led the way for his team with a 1.32 Rating and 35-25 K/D.

It seemed like the Brazilians would go on to wrap up the series after they won the first three rounds of the second half to hit 11-7 on the scoreboard. But ENCE wanted it differently. As soon as their economy started rolling, the Finns went on to string together 9 rounds in a row to close out the map 16-11 and end the series 2-1.


Nuke: 16-5 | Spinx – 18/9 K-D | 81.2 ADR | 90.5% KAST | 1.53 Rating
Ancient: 19-22 | dumau – 35/25 K-D | 96.0 ADR | 75.6% KAST | 1.32 Rating
Mirage: 16-11 | Spinx – 25/14 K-D | 92.9 ADR | 66.7% KAST | 1.51 Rating


Lotan “Spinx” Giladi – 75/51 K-D | 85.6 ADR | 73.0% KAST | 1.32 Rating

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