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Dignitas outplayed LIQUID to move on to the Quarter-finals.

Dignitas was playing on a high level when they demolished Team Liquid.

Nuke was the first map chosen by Dignitas, which was a wise decision from the Swedish organization as they demolished Team Liquid on Nuke. All the Dignitas roster was playing at a top-level, and they cemented their domination as they kept all the Liquid players from having a K/d over 1.00.

Especially HEAP and Lekr0 were playing on the top of their game at Nuke, when Ludvig “HEAP” Alonso had a rating at 1,63, and Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson with a rating of 1.53, when Dignitas won 16-5 on Nuke.

In the second map at Vertigo it was closer, but yet again with HEAP and Lekr0 as the top players on the map, the Swedish superstar was the best player today when Dignitas moved on to the Quarter-finals of the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021.

Dignitas – Team Liquid (2-0) | BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

16-5 (Nuke) | HEAP – 1.63 Rating / 20-11 K-D / 100.2 ADR

16-13 (Vertigo) | Lekr0 – 1.63 Rating / 28-17 K-D / 106.1 ADR


Ludvig ”HEAP” Alonso – 1.57 Rating / 47-28 K-D / 101.9 ADR

Watch some highlights from the game here:

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