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dexter: We really showed that we have improved

IGL of MOUZ "dexter" puts some words on their recent victory against paiN

MOUZ, whilst it isn't an all-German roster, is an organization with deep German roots and a German team behind them. A great performance at IEM Cologne would therefore mean a lot for the MOUZ organization and they might just have what it takes to go far at the event.

The opening game for MOUZ against paiN was perhaps not easy as expected. The Brazilians are notorious for being difficult to play against and although "dexter" states that he found they played a more "European style of Counter-Strike", it is never easy taking down an all-Brazilian roster. In overtime, however, MOUZ managed to remain composed and secure the important rounds to take home the victory, something that MOUZ according to "dexter" have improved at:

"We were down 15-13 and the mentality was still good. We won the very clutch rounds where a lot of teams would be nervous and where we have been nervous in the past. We really showed that we have improved in that situation there."

To hear more from the MOUZ IGL, you can watch out exclusive interview him down below:

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