Credit: ESL Adela Sznajder

dexter leads MOUZ to the playoffs!

A fantastic third map from the Australian gave MOUZ the last push.

MOUZ and ENCE opened Day 5 of the Legends Stage, where the three remaining tickets for the Champions Stage are at stake.

Ancient, Nuke, and Mirage was set as the playgrounds for the two teams. The first two maps took no time on the server to be settled. Both MOUZ and ENCE were too strong on their own map pick. A power outage was the only thing delaying the inevitable matchup on Mirage.

On Ancient David 'frozen' Čerňanský played brilliantly in both halves to leave no chance for ENCE to get anything going. Then things turned with ENCE smashing through the defense of MOUZ to set themselves up for a clear 16-8 win on Nuke.

Mirage was left as the decider, and for the first time in the match a CT half was won. ENCE took an 8-7 lead to the second half, but here everything fell apart. A stellar defense from MOUZ spearheaded by in-game leader Christopher "dexter" Nong saw them take the lead 13-8 before ENCE finally found a crack in the defense. But dexter was unstoppable! The Australian had never qualified for a Major playoff before, but today was the day! With 32 kills dexter made all the difference for MOUZ who won the match, and secured the team a spot among the last eight of IEM Rio.

MOUZ – ENCE 2-1 | IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

16-5 (Ancient) | frozen – 1.87 Rating / 21-7 K-D / 106.2 ADR

8-16 (Nuke) | valde – 1.38 Rating / 20-14 K-D / 82.0 ADR

16-9 (Mirage) | dexter – 1.75 Rating / 31-18 K-D / 123.2 ADR

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