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dev1ce on nowadays AWPer: You need to have moves, otherwise you’re just a dedicated flash-thrower

The Astralis superstar reflects on the AWP meta and what has changed in CS:GO since his return to competition.

Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz has been back in competitive Counter-Strike for nearly two months now having shown a fantastic individual level so far after coming back from his break in December last year. But how does he see the current meta? and what has changed during his 12-month break?

That was something he addressed when he joined Mohan "⁠launders⁠" Govindasamy and Danny "⁠mahone⁠" Hsieh for an interview at BLAST Overtime following Astralis’ important victory over OG at BLAST Spring Groups yesterday.

During their talk, dev1ce was asked if there were anything he had learned from his time in NIP which he had carried with him, where the Danish superstar pointed towards how he sees current AWP meta.

- The AWP right now is in a meta where you throw a lot of flashbangs and grenades, I did that in NIP as well, dev1ce said. You need to have moves on every certain maps, on the T side as well, otherwise you are just a dedicated flash-thrower - and the weapon is too expensive for that. So that’s one thing I learned, looking more at me like what I need to do as an AWPer to get openings. That’s the most important aspect, I do think.

Towards the end of the show, dev1ce was said to mention something that he’s noticed has changed ever since he came back from his break.

- The meta has changed a lot, dev1ced explained and continued. Almost all teams try to do the same thing and I don’t think the styles are too different right now, and the only team I can really say is different is Outsiders. They like try to counter the style that is.

Everyone is getting better

- That’s one thing but other than that people are just getting way better individually and that’s also why I feel I’m getting better and better mechanically - but everyone else is also just raising the ceiling. I don’t think that some of the people who look worse now haven’t gotten worse, I just think it’s because people train 10-12 hours a day.

You can watch the entire Overtime episode with dev1ce down below.

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