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CPH Flames win their first title with new lineup

The Danish side came out on top of the grand final with a 2-1 victory.

On Monday, Copenhagen Flames secured their first title victory with their new roster, following a 2-1 win over REDSTAR and company from Monte in the grand final of CCT South Europe Series 1.

CPH Flames were off to a bad start on Dust2, where the Danish side suffered a tough 5-16 loss. But that didn’t hold them away from lighting up the flame on the two other maps, Ancient and Nuke.

It was a close fight on Ancient, but unlucky for Monte, CPH Flames' b0RUP was on fire and pushed his team to a 16-10 victory. On the decider of Nuke, Flames quickly got up 14-2 on the scoreboard, but just as they hit their 14th round, it went downhill for the Danes who allowed Monte to grab 7 rounds in a row.

Unfortunately for Woro2k and company, a short technical break killed their momentum and instead CPH Flames went on to close out the series and grab the title with a 16-9 victory.

CCT South Europe Series 1:

1. CPH Flames - $22.000
2. Monte - $10.000
3-4. forZe - $5.000
3-4. Tricked - $5.000
5-8. HAVU - $2.000
5-8. Spirit - $2.000
5-8. ALTERNATE aTTaX - $2.000
5-8. Webstserz - $2.000
9-16. ex-SKADE
9-16. Endpoint
9-16. Sangal
9-16. IKLA
9-16. Entropiq
9-16. Falcons
9-16. Eternal Fire
17-19. Zero Tenacity
17-19. NeedDOCTOR
17-19. Partizan
20-22. BLINK
20-22. X
23-24. WLG
23-24. NAVI Junior

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