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Danish mix set to stick together as they look for a new organization

Five Danes up for grabs!

The newly-released Copenhagen Flames players, led by captain Thomas "⁠birdfromsky⁠" Due-Frederiksen, has announced that they will continue to play together, despite all of them having entered free agency.

Besides birdfromsky, the mix includes Rasmus "⁠raalz⁠" Steensborg, Johannes "⁠b0RUP⁠" Borup, Thomas "⁠TMB⁠" Bundsbæk, and the former Astralis AWPer Asger "Farlig" Jensen.

The news was revealed in a Twitlonger published on b0RUP’s Twitter, where they also showed their gratitude towards the Copenhagen Flames organization that unfortunately went bankrupt two weeks ago.

- We want to say a huge thank you to those at the organization, we know how hard you worked to try and keep things alight and we appreciate all the support you gave us these past 8 months. We created many friendships along the way and it was a real pleasure to play under such a reputable org.

- On that note, we have decided to continue playing together as a team and therefore we are free on the market. If there are any organizations out there that need a hardworking team then now is the time to hit our dms.

- We are very motivated and excited to see what the future brings, the players explain in a statement.

ex-Copenhagen Flames | Roster

Thomas "⁠birdfromsky⁠" Due-Frederiksen

Rasmus "⁠raalz⁠" Steensborg

Johannes "⁠b0RUP⁠" Borup

Thomas "⁠TMB⁠" Bundsbæk

Asger "Farlig" Jensen

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