Complexity eliminated by nexa’s troops |

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Complexity eliminated by nexa’s troops

OG was too tall of a task for Complexity at BLAST Premier Fall Groups this Thursday.

The North Americans from Complexity have been sent home to the states after losing 2-0 against OG in the elimination match at BLAST Premier Fall Groups. OG, on the other hand, is through to the next round where they will take on FaZe.

Despite presenting a strong fight on OG’s map pick of Ancient, Complexity ended up being dominated massively on the second map giving up a tame performance against a well-playing Abdul “degster” Gasanov, who led OG to the decisive map victory on Overpass. The Russian AWPer rounded off the Bo3 series with a stellar 1.49 Rating giving his rival AWPer Håkon 'hallzerk' Fjærli an extremely tough battle.

OG – Complexity 2-0 | BLAST Premier Fall Groups

16-13 (Ancient) | f1ku – 1.23 Rating / 25-19 K-D / 88.3 ADR

16-4 (Overpass) | degster – 1.91 Rating / 24-9 K-D / 100.7 ADR

MVP: Abdul "degster" Gasanov - 1.49 Rating / 47-27 K-D / 89.5

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