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mantuu: I believe I would 100% improve every single NA team

We have spoken with the 25-year-old AWPer about the period after his benching on OG, his hunt for a new team, and where he could see himself being an influential player.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the profiled AWPer Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski in action with his last official match being back in June last year when he still played for OG. Now mantuu is a free agent seeking for a new home in Counter-Strike.

Despite not having found a team yet, mantuu reveals that there have been several offers from prominent organizations.

- After my benching on OG, I was looking for teams and I was also in contact with some teams. I was in contact with NIP and I was in contact with EG - where with EG they wanted to go for American players on the roster. So that's why that didn't work out. And with NIP, I had an interview and everything, but obviously, they decided to go with headtr1ck instead.

Could he be NA CS:GO’s savior?

mantuu then explains how he towards the latter part of the year following the missed opportunities with EG and NIP constantly has tried to find a new team. In his hunt for a new CS:GO home, he openly addresses that he could see himself in a North American team.

- I'm open to joining both NA and EU teams, mantuu quickly said.

And when asked if mantuu could see anywhere in the CS:GO landscape where he could make a difference and maybe add some individual firepower, he pointed towards one specific region. 

- I believe I would improve every single NA team, 100%. Especially coming in from the break in a different environment, I think I could boost any team and also my own individual level. Looking at the EU teams, of course, they are completely different to NA and they have some really strong AWPers, but I'm also looking at the teams there as well.

- And I think I could honestly if you put me into those teams - obviously, I'm not looking like at Faze or G2 or these teams - but a lot of other teams, I feel like I'll be confident and comfortable to play in and improve.

Notable NA teams in CS:GO:



Evil Geniuses

OG's first roster in CS:GO - Aleksib, valde, NBK, mantuu, and ISSA from left to right

Open to any offers

However, going down the ranks and maybe joining a lower-tier organization, isn’t something the former OG profile will rule out.

- I'm open to any offers from any kind of team. I think maybe the tier two and tier three teams don't even want to kind of contact me because… I don't know, maybe they think I will just say no or something.

- Like I'm happy to talk, to see the lineup, and to see what the future can hold with the different organizations. I just have to see the players – to see if I see potential and if I see new hungry players. Let’s say I see that then I would 100% be willing to go for it. Especially if there are no tier-one offers for the next major.

Hopes for 2023

It was clear when chatting with mantuu that he feels a great desire to return to competitive play after his contract with OG ended in January this year. Especially with the heavy rumours of a Source 2 coming up – something he touches on here.

- I really hope to be in a new team and a new environment where we can really try to improve and be in a healthy and happy environment where no one is toxic. Hopefully, in the future, making the major for myself because is one of those things I really think I deserve; to make a major team.

- Obviously, I really miss playing officials, being at bootcamps, and going to events. Just travelling with the team and grinding. That's the one thing I miss and I think a lot of players miss once they get benched or become free agents for a longer time, is the competitive aspect.

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