The Comeback Kings does it again! |

Credit: PGL

The Comeback Kings does it again!

Cloud9 defeats both FaZe and NAVI on the same day after huge comebacks!

For the first time in 2022 we got to see the two best CIS teams in the world clash. Cloud9 and NAVI gave each other a go on Mirage, where the winner would be 2-0 in the Legends Stage at IEM Rio.

The first half was a close dance between the two teams. NAVI took an 8-7 lead into the second half on their T side. Here NAVI finally found multiple rounds wins in a row to create a gap. But never write off Cloud9! The resilient roster found a way back from 7-13. Suddenly Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov woke up and destroyed NAVI. The Russian rifler had gone missing in the Challengers Stage, but against NAVI he was the difference maker. Ax1Le went 33-20 in K-D and drove his team to a 16-14 win on Mirage!

Cloud9 is now 2-0 up after having taken down both FaZe and NAVI on the same day. Could they go all the way? 

NAVI – Cloud9 0-1 | IEM Rio Major Legends Stage

14-16 (Mirage) | Ax1Le – 1.70 Rating / 33-20 K-D / 124.0 ADR

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