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Can forZe deliver the unexpected?

The upper bracket semi-final of the FunSpark ULTI 2020 Europe Final is here with forZe against the favorites from Complexity.

The two sides met each other on eight maps last year, where forZe won five of them and Complexity won three, two of the maps went in overtime. So, if we look back at the 8 maps from the last year, we can expect a close match between the two.

As of now, forZe is #40 on HLTV´s world rankings, which is way behind the number nine in the world Complexity, therefore Complexity is such a favorite, but we have seen the team deliver even though the bookmakers didn’t grant them any chance.

The two key players in the match will be FL1T from forZe who is in great form and have been playing at an average rating of 1.20 in the last three months. The other key player will be Complexity´s blameF who have been playing amazing with a rating of 1.19 in the last three months.

We suspect that the game will be a lot tighter than the bookmakers makes it, and therefore will be a very entertaining game to watch.

Watch some highlights from their last clash at the DreamHack Summer here:

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