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Sprout announce its second change of the off-season

After just 12 months with the squad Sprout has announced Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg's departure.

After a year with the squad Sprout has officially announced the departure of in-game leader Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg. This is the second change that Sporut announced this week, following the departure of Timo "Spiidi" Richter. Sprout is left with just three players on the active lineup. They are still yet to announce their 2 new players coming up in the starting five.

The 27-year-old in-game leader transferred to Sprout from Lyngby Vikings back in August 2021. Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg led Sporut through some notable events such as the play-ins for IEM Katowice 2022 and IEM Cologne 2022. The Danish IGL also claimed several regional trophies during his tenure.

In the video below you can watch one of Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg's best clutches against the Russian team Forze.

The benching of raalz leaves Sprout with these three players.




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