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forZe take quarter-finals spot over 9z

A massive comeback on Mirage did the trick!

The group D winners' match featured the unlikely duo of forZe and 9z. Two maps were all 'Jerry' and his troops needed to secure a spot in the quarter-finals.

9z looked hot on their map pick of Mirage as they sprinted to a 7-0 lead. From there, the road back for forZe was a long and hard one, but back they came. Led by 'shalfey' and 'zorte' the Russians clawed their way back to win it in the absolute last round of regulation, leaving the South Americans wondering where it went wrong.

The battle moved to forZe's pick of Dust2, and the Russians were throughout the map that looked most comfortable on it. 'dgt' and 'nqz' had a hot start and a good game on this legendary map, but it was not enough to really scare forZe who did not have too many difficulties closing the series and securing their spot in the quarter-finals.

forZe - 9z 2-0 | Roobet Cup 2022

16-14 (Mirage) | zorte - 1.46 Rating / 26-13 K-D / 81.2 ADR

16-9 (Dust2) | KENSI - 1.35 Rating / 19-13 K-D / 84.2 ADR

MVP: Aleksandr 'KENSI' Gurkin - 1.33 Rating / 40-30 K-D / 83.3 ADR

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